About the Reverse Ultimatum

The Reverse Ultimatum began in 2006 as one of the sections of Mimi Tanner's "Hard To Get," the original program and book that focuses exclusively on being Hard To Get and putting "The Chase" into practice in your love life.

Mimi created the Reverse Ultimatum formula, and she coined the phrase "The Reverse Ultimatum" in 2006 as it refers to relationships.

The originally planned "chapter or two" on the Reverse Ultimatum ultimately became a powerhouse.

Fair Warning! What you're about to read can change your relationship status from "In A Relationship" to "Married"!

About Mimi Tanner

From the tender age of thirteen, Mimi Tanner began reading everything she could get her hands on about relationships and matters of the heart. With her ever-present glasses, bluejeans, and acne, Mimi curled up in her room, devouring everything from The Sensuous Woman to the Fascinating Womanhood books.

Like her wise mentors, Mimi is not afraid to tell it like it REALLY is. True students of the heart know what works, and understand that the "methods to our madness" spring from love, kindness, and generosity of heart.

Mimi Tanner is also the author of Calling Men: The Complete Guide to Calling, Emailing and Texting the Men You Date, Hard To Get: The Timeless Art of Conquering His Heart, Man Mistake Eraser: How To Regain a Man's Interest, Secrets of Flirting With Men, and many other books and programs.

Mimi says, "I take my work VERY seriously. This is my lifework and it's PERSONAL. I do this work because it has been my lifelong goal and passion to write about relationships between men and women.

"I live to create well-written, interesting, relationship guides that will not only work for you, but that will transform your entire life. That's what makes me happy.

"I go to sleep every night grateful because my work has resulted in numerous real-life, happy marriages."

What People Are Saying

"I have been wanting this knowledge, and this book for so long, and at long last I got it. I am not sure why I waited. WELL WORTH THE READ!!!!"

"Pick this one up! This was by far one of my favorite books to read and I reread specific parts! I would recommend you try it."

"Very sound advice for women, even those just beginning the dating scene. This gives a clear and simple, yet often misunderstood, insight to understanding the nature of relationships.

"Mimi writes an easy-to-read guide, which provides immediate results and can help avoid confusion and heartache. Traditional views and concepts are flawed and do not represent the truer essence of human nature. It's not trickery, but merely a guide for balancing a relationship with love and respect while providing opportunity to see if the glass slipper fits."

"Mimi is right ON!!!! I read this from end to end, TWICE to make sure I had it down pat.

"Well, I put her information to work, and let me just say he did everything just as Mimi said it would happen... Including the four words every in love girl wants to hear.

"Her words are right on the money, and if you put them into play the way she instructs, it will help you also!"

"This is a terrific, easy to understand and implement plan to undo a stalemate relationships too often encounter.

"Pressure only creates resistance, so following the plan laid out in this book allows a relationship to decompress without imploding.

"We've all tried the 'other option' with usually poor results-Mimi's approach helps to restore a balance and dignity to a relationship from which possible healing and progress can be made. In the worst case scenario, you have begun to restore a life to return to if the relationship is truly over.

"The Reverse Ultimatum is a worthy read."

"I was not even done reading the whole thing and I decided to have a conversation with my BF over Valentine's day weekend to see where I stand for the long term. He got up and proposed to me on the spot.

It gives you a different angle to view things from so you feel more empowered."

"This was by far one of my favorite books to read and I reread specific parts! I would recommend you try it."

"Your Reverse Ultimatum is frighteningly on target. How did you get so good at understanding the male mind? Your techniques would keep a guy up at night with visions of his lady waltzing off with a better man. But, oh boy, are they effective if the man truly loves her and is waffling."

- Robert

"He said, 'Sign me up! We can go tonight if you like.' Three months later, we were married. And life is wonderful, he is a wonderful husband! I really really really want to say thank you, because your advice was right on."

- M.D.

Make Him Think It's His Idea!


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